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You need a special TestKit including cell-stabilizing CPDA-tubes. We're always working on building up a network of educated therapists around the world. Most of them also have our testkits and know how to handle the whole process. If you would like to find the closest cooperating therapist or just want to order a TestKit please contact us. When you have recieved the TestKit your GP, nurse or naturopath will be able to take the blood. We do not need a doctor's signature to perform any tests. Please fill all tubes in the TestKit and send it back by DHL Medical Express. You will also find all explenations in the TestKit itself.

EliSpot & CD57: 72 hours
Antibodies & PCR: 7 days

Please use our DHL Medical Express service to ensure a delivery in time.
If you're from Canada or Australia please contact us as we then might organize a pickup by FedEx for you, as the DHL service might not be fast enough.

Our team and Dr. Armin Schwarzbach will assist you in the selection of the most appropriate tests based on your individual symptoms by e-mail consultation. Please contact us.


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